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"Keeping it Together"

“Keeping it Together”

oil on canvas with needles and thread


24" x 36"

A Reaction to Objectification of Women

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Technology often portrays women in ways that promote common gender stereotypes. This can be seen in representations of females in movies and video games as well as the life sized sex robots that are currently on the market. These female objects are made to represent the "ideal" woman – one that is passive, silent, highly-sexualized and easily objectified. This reflects the way women are viewed in real life and only reinforces these perceptions. In a sense, many women become “robots” creating a false appearance both physically as well as psychologically. Often times when everything appears to look perfect on the outside, many are just trying to keep it together on the inside. There is a fear of speaking out that comes from a long history of silencing women through violence. Many women feel they have to sensor themselves in order to maintain this image and create the illusion of perfection.

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