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"Silent Woman"

“Silent Woman”

oil on canvas 


11" x 15"

A Reaction to Opression of Women



Violence against women is often against our voices and our stories. It is a refusal of our voices and of what our voice means: the right to self-determination, to participation, to consent or dissent, to live and participate, to interpret and narrate. Author Rebecca Solnit says “If our voices are essential aspects of our humanity, to be rendered voiceless is to be dehumanized.” Powerful women have been silenced throughout history and I’m happy to be alive in a time when we are coming together and speaking out more than ever, but there is still a fear of being silenced through violence. I made this painting as a reaction to that fear. I believe that all of us have felt silenced and powerless at some point in our lives and can relate to this. 

_Silent Woman__edited.jpg
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