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"The Balancing Act"

“The Balancing Act”

oil on canvas with needles and thread


30" x 40"

A Reaction to Gender Inequality

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Society often comments on whether a woman can find a good balance between professional and personal life or whether she has to choose one out of the two. Can a woman have a career, be the breadwinner, raise a family, and be a wife at the same time? Throughout history, back to the times of hunters and gatherers, women were supposedly the ones who stayed home to cook and clean and take care of the family. This is a debatable notion, but one that is believed by many and still taught today. Now, women are choosing careers that were once considered “men's jobs”, and taking on the responsibilities of all of it. Even though some are able to manage this successfully, women are still being paid significantly less than men for doing the same job. There is also an imbalance in many homes where women are expected to do it all when it comes to taking care of the home and family, even when their career is equally as time consuming and important as their partner’s. 

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