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"Thinking With Her Heart"

“Thinking With Her Heart

oil on canvas with needles and thread


24" x 30"

A Reaction to Gender Stereotypes

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I made this painting as a reaction to one of the strongest gender stereotypes in western culture: that women are more emotional than men. This has lead to biased evaluations of female leaders and women in power. 

I think most women in general can relate to feeling this way at some point in their life. What is confidence in a man is often viewed at competitiveness in a woman. Leadership in a man is often seen as bossiness in a woman. Women have to walk a fine line between being too feminine or too masculine to gain respect. That being said, it’s not so easy for men either, especially those who were taught to hide their emotions and “be a man”. However, the ones who aren’t afraid to show emotions and who treat women with respect are the ones we need to speak out. Women will not be equal until men recognize the inequality and are vocal about it.

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